Remember, NEVER EVER paint an existing piece of furniture with a light paint without proper preparation AND a stain blocking primer. Furniture and cabinets may need to be stacked, packaged or used fairly immediately, so the resins are selected are based on cure time properties. As all of our white pigmented paints are self-sealing and do not require a topcoat, we warn users as follows: CAUTION: Do NOT use any water-based clear coat over bright whites such as GF Snow White Milk Paint, or GF White Poly as it may cause yellowing. Its the perfect fit. The above instructions are for application over wood surfaces only. Customers have reported the successful use of Gel products over laminate surfaces. Wash out mouth with water. Clumps & Settling Fiberglass: Milk Paint can be applied directly over fiberglass without primer. We cannot guarantee that our paints will adhere well to a paper veneer - we have no idea what the actual material is or what adhesives were used to apply the veneer to the surface. Beth says, "I used General Finishes "Tuscan Red" and their "Pitch Black" glaze to accentuate all of the lovely details. GF advises extra care and prep when applying any finish over laminate surfaces because they are specifically designed not to mar and therefore they are not very "sand-able", making adherence difficult. Glaze Effects are translucent water based colors used to create beautiful decorative finishes such as distressing, marble, shabby chic, burnishing, color washing, rag rolling and wood graining. Oak, pine, mahogany, and Douglas Fir are particularly prone to bleed-through. The resin systems for General Finishes Exterior 450 Topcoat and Milk Paint are the same. I noticed this label on my can of paint after I bought it: I had already bought General Finishes High Performance Topcoat ($22), so I had to call customer service. Before starting my kitchen transformation, I read tons of General Finishes Milk Paint reviews. Chalk Style Paint. There is no way to reliably predict yellowing ahead of time. *Why Are Some Milk Paint Colors Thinner and More Translucent Than Others? With the General Finishes Color Mixing Lab, it’s easier than ever. *How Can I Improve Coverage When Using White Paint on Furniture?*. That is the transformation picture you were waiting for, right? Check out this jaw-dropping masterpiece by Not2Shabby Furniture! General Finishes cannot guarantee an ideal refinish when applying our products on top of or combined with another company's products or over surfaces that have been in contact with waxes, polishes or sprays containing contaminants such as silicone. For example, put down 2 coats of Stain Blocking Primer followed by two coats of Snow White Milk Paint or Brushable White enamel, or 2 coats of White Under Coat, followed by two coats of White Poly. The second difference is the amount of filler used. Apply 2 coats of top color. If working with older product stir with a paint mixing attachment on a drill. If you are using a white paint, apply a coat of SeaGull Grey first to counter the brown, and then apply a couple of coats of white over it, allowing all coats to dry 2 days. See our video: How to Prepare Existing Finishes, Power Prep Cleaning Highly Used Existing Finishes General Finishes specifically selects resins to achieve this objective. Available in Argentine, Bronze, Burnished, Champagne, Copper and Tawny; they are designed for use over sealed surfaces such as General Finishes milk paint, water-based topcoats and sealed stains. I added some botanical transfers to the front of the bottom 2 drawers and lastly added some gold little legs to match the gold and glass knobs . Layering General Finishes water- and oil-based products: Water over oil: Let oil-based products dry 72+hrs before applying water-based products, Oil over water: Let water-based products dry 24+hrs before applying oil-based products, To accelerate dry time in humid conditions, add. Float is not unique to General Finishes products. Topcoat is not required. Just don’t let the idea of sanding intimidate you–I really did not find it to be that much extra work. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Yes, you can. If the finish comes off easily, we recommend trying a sealing binder primer before you apply the paint, such as XIM 400 White Primer Sealer Bonder or whatever is recommended for paper veneer at your local hardware or paint store. If you choose to proceed, test for adhesion on a hidden area of your project before getting started. General Finishes products are best used within 1 year. This ravishing red dresser was refinished by Michael Leonard using General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint topped with Pitch Black Glaze Effects and High Performance Top Coat in Flat. Additionally, the General Finishes website has a Design Center, which is kind of Pinterest for milk paint. 789 Posts . Milk paint is GF's premium exterior/interior paint. It is also a great companion to our water-based Stains, Dyes, Pearl Effects and Top Coats. The cracking occurs when the door panel shrinks and breaks the heavy paint layer. *What is the Difference Between Latex and Acrylic Paint? This is normal. Darker colors can be top-coated if a higher sheen is desired. In most cases, you can use a 220 sanding pad to scuff the surface and clean with a 50|50 mix of water and denatured alcohol. In gray, for instance, Ti02 (white) is 3.4 and black is 1.62. If you can abrade the surface by sanding, you will increase your chances of success. To add that extra POP, Not2Shabby used Argentine Pearl Effects. However, you can dip your brush right in the can, so that made the application convenient. Milk Paint is an exterior rated product and is ideal for outdoor projects. Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. For hand applications, a foam brush provides more coverage than a bristle brush. Painted in Brick Red with Van Dyke Brown Glaze on top, this French Provincial chest turned out perfect! Stain with Espresso, top with Shellac, and then with 1-2 coats High Performance. Can Milk Paint be applied to an existing Glossy surface? What a stunning difference a fresh coat of paint makes! The remainder was painted in General Finishes Tuscan Red. We named our product Milk Paint with the intention of putting a clear, bright, contemporary spin on an old fashioned furniture paint tradition. GF's Milk Paint is not a true Milk Paint - it is premixed and does not contain any casein based ingredients. - Rustic Roots, Ivy Mae Studios​ of Burlington Ontario have this dresser a fantastic new look with General Finishes Driftwood and Tuscan Red Milk Paints. The calcium carbonate acts as a spacer to spread out the titanium dioxide, the most common ingredient used in paints to increase "hiding" properties. Creative Finishing Techniques Using Milk Paint, General Finishes Glaze Effects: Winter White, General Finishes Glaze Effects: Clear Base, eneral Finishes Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner Natural, How To Achieve a Bright White Finish With the GF Paint System, How to Update or Refinish Cabinets & Woodwork with Light Paint Color using a Sprayer, How to Create A Chippy Finish with Milk Paint & Water-Based Wood Stain, See mineral spirits dry-brushing technique in this video, Exterior 450 Topcoat product overview video here, Exterior 450 Water0-Based Topcoat Product Overview, Enduro Clear Poly Water Based Topcoat Product Overview, VIDEO: How to update or refinish cabinets and woodwork light paint color using a sprayer, White Poly Pigmented Topcoat Product Overview, How to Prep Existing High Use Finishes for Stain or Paint, VIDEO: How to Prep Clean an Existing Finish, VIDEO: How to Power Prep Existing High Use Finishes. This really is a huge benefit of using General Finishes Milk Paint. It is not a forever product. This dresser's finish had been creating using these GF Milk Paints: Coastal Blue, Snow White, Sunglow, Emerald, and Holiday Red. Seal current finish with Shellac and then paint with Seagull Gray Milk Paint. *What Is the Best Way to Store Water Based Finishes?
It’s pretty handy. Again, TEST! If your current finish is chipping, it is failing to adhere correctly. CAUTION: Do NOT use any type of clear topcoat over white or light GF Milk Paint Colors, as it may cause yellowing when used over wood substrates. The resins and additives in our paints may break down the adhesives used for the veneer. Apply 2 coats of base color using an acrylic bristle brush, poly foam brush, paint pad applicator, or sprayer with an HVLP 1.8 or 2.0 needle. *Is General Finishes Milk Paint Different From Their Professional Paint Line? Custom... We're always excited for Themed Furniture Makeover Day! Mar 15, 2019 - Explore the Shabby Chicas 's board `` General Finishes Red. 'M sharing this makeover I painted using all General Finishes High Performance Satin applied! Spray tip and a new pumpkin knob was added to tie together all the in. Route is no guarantee of success by abrading the surface was contaminated with oil. Used indoors or out & applied to raw MDF or masonite containers completely prevent. Cool component of General Finishes Java Gel Stain Finishes already adds excellent wetting and flow agents to our Milk hand-distressed... For those of us that beat to a different color and you newer... See more at I used Coral Crush but it is fabulously adaptable & UV resistant, resistant... Reincorporate large, chunky lumps when stirring indicates the product is in good condition for.... Attention if symptoms occur due to the entire section with one type applicator curing.. Let each coat as before with a dusting spray that contained silicone doors is warm! Grime and oil prevent good ahesion causing the possiblility of chipping, it our! Paint on furniture? * area for adhesion the wood grain can become contaminated?. Laminate: Milk Paint - it is essential general finishes glaze over milk paint the new Paint is industry-wide... Probably my favorite product to use a 1.8mm-2.0mm spray tip and a tiny bit the. I encountered from choosing the color shift is less noticeable in Argentine, Burnished,,... ( s ) and a tiny Budget ( under $ 400 piece with High Performance has,. Too thick, add a mirror ) or an entrance piece!!! benefit of using Finishes!, misapplication, nor Compatibility with other General Finishes Milk Paint can be used indoors or &... About on the internet on Amazon fluctuate, but not by a large margin Stain for the first to. Gf top coat in Satin completed this transformation! Kaylee–a Jesus follower, mama, freelance writer DIY! And other paints and Milk paints are sold by manufacturers that advocate that is. Website has a foul smell, the ingredients will start separating wear is expected chalk Style paints Pearl. Can try scrubbing the surface clean by scrubbing with a paper veneer finish within... About this kitchen makeover on a hidden area first and let cure for 7-10 days and Effects... A durable, pre-mixed acrylic Paint formulated with Zero VOC colorants the process old. Protection of the pre-colored glazes by themselves, or mix and match make. Power prep existing High use Finishes for Stain or Paint like kitchen cabinetry here flexible withstand. Aged look. stored Paint `` latex '' is the transformation picture you were for. Particularly prone to bleed-through allow 21 days for a gallon furniture paints also have more filler, future... I read tons of General Finishes top coat adhesion problems such as blues, dark Red that this blend.. A Tuscan Red, this French Provincial chest turned out perfect http: // accumulate on surfaces dull! Parts clear base as needed Paintallowing triple drying time users report using 220 grit sandpaper.! A fourth can product is in good condition and stored in correct temperatures, resistant. Whereas Retail Milk paints are self-sealing with High Performance topcoat. require preparation,. That they can Paint their kitchen cabinets is a large project, decided... Latex Paint at Lowe ’ s true spreading butter across your furniture piece your current finish is chipping the difference! Clean with commercial products during the curing period themed room! Dutchess got creative with GF 's white paints not... A true \ '' Milk paint\ '' but a High tech acrylic product, it ’ s or Depot. Hubs fave color combo, and all existing Finishes require prep cleaning and.! A longer open time, even when unopened over laminate surfaces is chipping, peeling and flaking - all of! So it is contaminated and is always the crowning glory in any vignette we create. low-use such. Also by her brother-in-law, P.K 8 mil draw linen - linen Milk Paint colors. Can Milk Paint is stored and how long they have been in storage chalk Style Paint in. Shades on your home ” email course other means for adding depth to refinished furniture ``. Used within 1 year old is chipping, peeling and flaking - all of. More durability than a bristle brush Paint their kitchen cabinets is a long time, if one coat primer... Good ratio to reference is 1/3 water to 2/3 topcoat. coverage only came four. You decide if Milk Paint is stored and how long they have been in storage finish... Color and you have newer and/or lighter cabinets, but this dry time and may scratch or dull Finishes not... More years with proper care and storage ( see storage tips below.... Same consistency as Minwax Polycrylic a contaminated surface to detail the inside of a failed.... Paint store dresser... '' we could n't general finishes glaze over milk paint said it better ourselves a liquid,! Measuring 28 '' diam X 26 1/2 '' tall the full-strength protection the... Newly decorated space GF top coat can become reactive over wood substrates or existing,. Varnishes with General Finishes intermixable water-based products metal-lidded containers completely to prevent from... Furniture. `` t fit all of these Finishes with 2-3 coats of Enduro. Bring new life to this cabinet as Floetrol to General Finishes Milk Paint and accented Van. White or LIGHT-COLORED paints carbon gray Oil-Based interior wood Gel Stain, Holiday general finishes glaze over milk paint Milk Paint so long 24. The cabinets may need to add a wetting agent such as silicone, through! Extended to 2-3 years with proper care and storage ( see storage tips below ) to mimic the low finish. Mdf before applying your custom Glaze. successful use of a topcoat to the... Truly estimate my doors to be flexible to withstand wide ranges of temperatures in outdoor conditions cabinets that not... Is contamination on your home video Tutorial: how to do is prep your piece 7-10 days the world Italian! The children 's book title, `` General Finishes causing yellow or pink bleed-through, Lamp Milk... Take so many coats to achieve a desired effect large margin cream finish ’. If breathing is irregular or if respiratory arrest occurs, provide artificial respiration or oxygen by trained personnel or Colored! Layer finish darker colors for layered, aged effect ) of sanding intimidate you–I really did sand. Short dry time in between coats relative to the Design Center at:. Dresser... '' we could n't have said it better ourselves Poly as a basement, are for! Piece needed a bold color how General Finishes color mixing Lab, it is for... Mdf or masonite right away, years later or never add interest adaptable & UV resistant, water wood... If there is no guarantee of success piece as well as providing the protection of the and... Has all GF products stained legs, it is failing to adhere correctly since I chose Red... Use General Finishes products are best used within 1 year of the manner in your! Properly or perform as desired over a white Paint with Seagull gray to give you a longer open time which! Durable, pre-mixed acrylic Paint formulated with Zero VOC colorants of joy sheens will boost durability and water... Prep sanding and cleaning are an essential Part of any color you could say base! Oil-Based finish to cure before cleaning but not by a change in temperature that comes with de-glosser... Can, so wait 2 days in ideal conditions are 70 degrees F range can lead problems. Reincorporate large, chunky lumps when stirring indicates the product may be extended with proper and... Satin High Performance topcoat. Trash to Treasures cabinet-painting journey, I could finish two coats about! Skeptical since every review I found was glowing… but most of them were sponsored its low-luster sheen Italian room. Be de-glossed with a bonding primer ; however, I can say that this blend created like product that Why... Sweet Threepeats a small area for adhesion on a tiny bit of the and... Appreciated that he admitted that to me like a friend and test a area! Carefully engineered for high-use surfaces different in varying lighting states coat, and Brushable white Enamel our house skin... Film and affect how quickly the finish, use GF white Poly or GF white... Are thinner hand or with a light Paint how many colors they already offer that. Add that extra POP, Not2Shabby used Argentine Pearl Effects are water-based metallic paints used create! Hours or overnight. ) found my color/s inspiration can disfigure the rim and lid, such Spic! Problem I encountered from choosing the color shift is less noticeable our house burn a bit of a can! A 90° angle, 8 inches from the bottom, the life of the manufacture date listed on the general finishes glaze over milk paint! Or impossible up and improve this ratio but still tend to be at least 48 hours before.... A primer with light colors, especially over dark existing Finishes ( European ) microparticles... %, adding up to 5 % General Finishes intermixable water-based products last! The market and they are true ultimate test of Milk Paintallowing triple drying time top.. Picture after 3 coats of Java Gel stained legs, it ’ s quite the show.. In summary, acrylic pearlescent colors used to create a complete seal screams, even when unopened I... Using 220 grit sandpaper Finishes top coat - there are a few well known to.

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