Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [151] Not long after, Laxus is subject to the effects of Larcade's Pleasure and buckles to his knees. Even as Sting approaches, Laxus does not move. Natsu and Gray are later seen seemingly unconscious and tied up, being taken by Erza past a gate to where the cannon is. Whilst he watches the first master, Laxus is approached by Bickslow and Freed, and the three talk, who desire Laxus to indulge in the festivities like everyone else around them. [3] Laxus attained the rank of S-Class Mage in X778, at the age of 17. After Laxus destroys the core, all the beasts disappear instantly. [9], Carla then flies to where they are and starts talking about a burden she has been carrying ever since she was born in the Earth Land realm. [46] As Laxus falls to the ground, he calmly tells Natsu, who's now enveloped in his lightning, that this is his treat. [133] Laxus soon senses that despite the use of Jupiter, Freed's Jutsu Shiki barrier and the Flying Dragon Squad, Alvarez managed to break into Magnolia, causing him to question what the others are doing to allow such a massive break-in. However, the Demon is still awake and states that before such opponents, he has to "die" once, seemingly blowing up his body afterwards, much to everyone's shock. The guild members then shout in unison as Makarov states Alvarez will regret challenging their family; and when Cana says the guild is a nice place, Laxus agrees. [13], Clearing up the misunderstanding, Natsu reveals that they are from Earth Land, and that they are setting out to save their friends, with the others refusing to assist in such a dangerous mission. Lucy uses the whip to tie up Byro's tentacle and sends him crashing into a wall just as Natsu manages to punch Hughes through the wall on the opposite side, knocking them both out. When Happy asks her to be friends, she refuses and tells him that he can't protect Natsu the way he is now nor does he know who he really is. [62] However, it was later revealed that he was asked by Makarov to be part of Fairy Tail Team B. Laxus was revealed to have been initially adverse to the creation of another Fairy Tail team, but to have accepted after Makarov told him that the losing team would have to listen to the winning team's orders for a day; something which left him outwardly indifferent, but, much to his inner delight, prompted him to imagine himself ordering Natsu around. Later after the war ends, Laxus shows up and acts very arrogantly, mocking Shadow Gear for their defeat against Gajeel and claims that if he had been there, Phantom Lord wouldn't have dealt them so much damage. [10], As he returns to the guild, Laxus, enraged by the apparent weakness he thinks Fairy Tail seems to exude, makes a play for the Guild Master's seat[11] by having Evergreen turn the Miss Fairy Tail contestants to stone, start a fight to have Fairy Tail members eliminate each other[12] and having Freed lock Makarov, and unintentionally Natsu and Gajeel, in the guild building[13][14] as well locking the other members within the vicinity of the town. [7], At first the two mistake him for Jellal who should have been arrested, but then he mentions that he only took the name of Jellal since he didn't know a thing about this world and this makes Wendy realize that this was the Jellal she met 7 years ago. Realizing that Gajeel can use his Magic to revive the others as well, Happy flies towards Gajeel and takes him to where the Lacrima is located. The next morning while wandering around, they spot an airship belonging to the Royal Army, and decide to hijack it so they can make it to the Royal City faster. Gray fights against Sugarboy while Natsu fights against Hughes, but despite being able to use their Magic, they still find themselves having a hard time against their enemies' Magic Items. Unfortunately, Laxus answers "...Through Force" completely going over the edge and fully powers himself up. After Natsu manages to startle the Dragon Slayer, he cures him with a Deodorant Lacrima. Laxus does the job happily and smiles down at the Thunder God Tribe as he performs his task. After leaving the mayor's house, Laxus expresses his resolve on solving up the issue. After seeing the mayor's granddaughter, Laxus stops the assault and tells the mayor of make things right before leaving. Shortly after, a farmer shows up and helps them by hiding them from the army and in his house. A group of missiles is fired again, but these explode before Natsu can hit them. Wall takes this chance to prep his own version of Etherion for firing, but Laxus, in a fit of frustration, activates a Jutsu Shiki barrier that Freed taught him, which Wall dispels. [114], Laxus strikes Atlas Flame with his Lightning Dragon's Roar, Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe begin to take the offensive on Atlas Flame, Laxus performing Lightning Dragon's Roar on the Dragon, who merely takes the attack whilst stating that their blows are futile, as they do nothing to hurt him or slow him down. As he steps out of the arena, he listens briefly to his father's words about Fairy Tail's darkness. Extremely angered by his persistence, Laxus performs Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd, and throws it at Natsu. [142] Laxus soon finds himself pressured by Wall, and after kicking Wall through a building, is attacked by a powerful fire blast that scorches his shoulder and lights up a large portion of the sky. [5] Laxus then refuses to go and bring Natsu back. Mystogan then departs, leaving only Natsu to face Laxus; Natsu keeps up with him for a while, only to stop when Erza recovers (where the two S-Class Mages briefly battle), and then resumes when Erza … To make matters worse, in the midst of it all, they are thrown into a terrifying plot involving the Exceeds, the Dragon Slayers, and Mystogan's father: Faust! After they reach the field, Laxus glares at Orga. Lucy summoning the Celestial Spirit King. Laxus approaches with the rest of his teammates to confront Sting, who taunts them about their injuries and claims that while he once looked up to them, he will defeat them. [37] Weakened from using up the last of his power in that attack, Laxus can do nothing as Natsu gathers what strength he has left and rushes at him, hitting him with a multitude of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic Spells, sending Laxus flying, finally defeating him. [23], Carla smiles once again after Marl's words, However, Marl's words manage to get to Carla, and she regains her senses, deciding to head out along with Happy towards the Royal Capital and save their friends. There's an epilogue at the end of the arc showing what happened in Edolas after the Earth Land residents left their dimension in the anime. When Mystogan tells him that this solution won't quell the chaos, Panther Lily offers to be the villain instead, but Mystogan is adamant in his decision. [120], With strange natural disasters and weather phenomena occurring around the world, jobs flood into the Fairy Tail Guild, and Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe go on a job that requests them to serve as the lightning rod to a town during a freak thunderstorm. They immediately rush to help her, but are surprised that Lucy can use her own Celestial Spirit Magic, managing to summon Scorpio and Aries to fight the army. He then walks up to them and frightens them away with a glare. [149] Later, in a new location due to the effects of Universe One, Laxus awakens to a voice telling all Fairy Tail members where their guild is now located and they need to go there and protect Mavis. [122], After a while, Ichiya's Handsome Perfume starts a plague in Magnolia, turning the entire city into Ichiyas, including Laxus, who started wreaking havoc at the guild. Laxus blows Mystogan's cover. As the latter readies himself, Laxus witnesses Jura arrive, commenting on their strength. Despite this, Zirconis still attempts to fight until he is met by Hisui E. Fiore. Unfortunately, Laxus rises with nothing more than his shirt destroyed, revealing an intricate tattoo on his left chest. Shortly after, Byro shows up and demands for the key, which Lucy mistakes for her Celestial Spirit keys, and decides to defend Coco from Byro. She notices Lucy and Wendy too, and deduces they must be the Earth Land versions of their counterparts back in Edolas. Wendy says that a showdown should be carried out with a plan and tells them that the battle will be tomorrow instead. With their opponent seemingly knocked down, the Fairy Tail Mages and Yajima discuss what to do, in the end deciding to bring him to the guild for questioning. It’s too bad this couldn’t have been the final arc of the series, as it gives us a ton of reveals and pushes the heroes to their limits. [98], Afterwards, Laxus comes across Orga, who he recognizes as Black Lightning from Sabertooth. [9], Afterwards, Laxus finds Jet and Droy relentlessly attacking Gajeel and joins in, frying the Dragon Slayer with his lightning whilst blaming him for the guild's current reputation. In the act of dispelling the barrier's particles, Wall also rids Laxus of the Magical Barrier Particles in his system, which allows Laxus to both defeat and break Wall, after a brief flashback to the day he learned about his great-grandfather from Mavis, with a spell he created as an homage to his ancestor: Megaton: Red Lightning. They ask to form a contract with Lucy, and she is surprised to receive 3 of the 12 Zodiac keys at once. Laxus prepares to finish him off and fires a tremendous thunderbolt down on Natsu. [73] Once Erza wins the event by herself, the Magic Power Finder test is set to start as a replacement. [56] During the party following their return, he's shown sitting at a table alongside his Thunder God Tribe with the Take Over Siblings nearby. Before they can receive an answer, Mystogan tells them to leave Magnolia since he can't stop Anima anymore and tells them that Fairy Tail and all of the town will disappear, but Wendy refuses to abandon her friends and tries to run back to warn everyone. Seeing Laxus’ devotion to the guild and his friends. [1] As he grew up, Laxus constantly felt trapped in a shadow by being the grandson of Makarov, and, as a result, felt he never got the credit he deserved. [20], Carla then breaks down because she thought for sure that she was abandoning the mission by helping them rescue their friends, but instead led them to a trap and failed to protect Wendy. Ivan tells him to be quiet and attacks the his son, causing Laxus to go on the defensive. As Fairy Tail is told that they will have to pay for all repair costs, Laxus grabs the guilty Natsu for punishment. Despite Carla demanding they return Wendy, Erza ignores her and prepares to kill her, but Happy defends her and tells her to kill him first. After a short chase through the town they hide in a wagon, but it rolls down the hill with them on board. Jura expresses his desire to fight Makarov's grandson, however, Laxus stops him mid-sentence, telling him that he's not Makarov's grandson nor is Jura a Wizard Saint in this battle; they're both men and nothing else. [154] Laxus later meets up with Gildarts and Cana still carrying the body of Makarov telling them that he wanted to bring his grandfather home to the guild. Next → Tenrou Island arc While Gray continues freezing the key, it starts to crack and Sugarboy tries to get Gray to stop since they need to key to use the cannon, which can help save their friends. As he walks away, Sugarboy mocks him saying they have lost all chance of rescuing their friends, but Gray just laughs and says he can make a replica with his ice. Gajeel, leaning on the pole as he watches the festivity, becomes frustrated to see both Natsu and Wendy have their own cats while he is the only Dragon Slayer without one. Angered by this, Laxus attacks the Gorian with his lightning. The Edolas arc (エドラス編 Edorasu-hen) is the tenth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. She manages to make it to the guild but is too late, and the whole town gets sucked up along with the guild. Trying to gain the upper hand, all three of them attack at once with their respective roars, but it has almost no effect. [118], With the Dragons gone, the Mages who assisted in the battle are invited to Mercurius Castle for a dance ball as a thanks. [110] As the guilds prepare themselves for the upcoming battle, Laxus looks up at the sky and notes the ominous Eclipse's presence. [126], Shortly afterwards, Laxus is taken to Cube via Cana's Card Conversion. With Wendy admitted into Fairy Tail and Gildarts' homecoming, the entire town of Magnolia is thrown into disarray, as they are all sucked into the parallel universe, Edolas, through a portal. The scene with Happy and Carla trying to escape from Knightwalker and her forces is extended in the anime. When Erza discusses with him about this, Laxus intervenes, stating that the whole thing will be like a "festival," and that Mystogan was never very talkative, thus warning Erza not to blow his cover. The four of them were family; Broken, yes, but they refuse to give up hope. [152] The threat of Larcade eventually ceases, and Laxus then silently mourns his grandfather's passing. [59], Natsu then challenges Laxus to a showdown to settle once and for all who's the strongest. However, they had no way to reach them and tell them about the change, so when Carla and Happy brought Natsu and Wendy to Edolas, they unintentionally carried out their mission. Though they are all excited to see him up, he says he is pathetic and won't be able to protect the ones he cares about if he continues with what he's doing, pulling them into a group hug while he says so. Lisanna explains she would have felt bad if she told them she wasn't actually the sister they knew so she just pretended all that time. However, when Lucy tries to summon Loke, Virgo appears instead and their plan hits a major problem. Shortly after they purchase the items, the royal army locates them and Natsu instantly tries his new weapon, which produces a giant blade made from flames. [11], Natsu, Wendy, Carla and Happy flight through Edolas, Flying through Anima, everyone arrives at Edolas, amazed that such a world exists. Upon receiving the command to go, Laxus and the rest enter the fight. At some point during his childhood, Laxus' father, Ivan Dreyar, implanted Dragon Lacrima into Laxus' body, granting him Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. Having been told by Natsu that he surely can, he proceeds to envelop Natsu's arm in lightning. [28], Team Natsu then decides to find the King and stop him, while Wendy and Carla head to Extalia to try and warn everyone. [124], Laxus questions the attacker's identity and Evergreen tells him that he is a Tartaros member targeting Yajima. Meanwhile, Happy manages to locate Gajeel and flies him to the Lacrima but just as he is about to smash the crystal, Panther Lily arrives using his Aera and carrying a giant sword to stop him. The latter tells him he's a Lightning God Slayer, to which Laxus replies, telling him that even though he can kill gods, it doesn't mean he can kill Fairies as well. He watches as Mavis Vermillion reveals that she was the one who saved them and then disappears. Natsu then, without hesitation, charges toward him for a fight but gets beaten with just one throw. Laxus smiles as he holds his hand out to Makarov, who takes it with tears of emotion in his eyes. [18], Knowing that their friends are trapped inside the Lacrima crystal, the Mages try to find a way to release them and realize that the King might know a way to undo the spell. [39] Lucy then arrives with Coco on a Legion to save and take everyone to Extalia and stop the Lacrima, and Erza Knightwalker cuts her hair so as not to confuse herself with Erza Scarlet and also show her determination. As Lisanna tearfully screamed out their names, Mirajane asked her to give them their regards. [123], In order to avoid one of the countless heavy missions which Fairy Tail was asked to do after its victory in the Grand Magic Games, Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe find an easy job under Yajima, working in his 8-Island restaurant. Shortly after the Royal army arrives, Fairy Tail manages to teleport away to another location. Plot. [77], Before he does, he mentions how Makarov had been maintaining extensive knowledge of their guild in the past seven years and that despite all he'd learned, he never made Fairy Tail take action because he didn't want to worsen anything; Laxus thinks that Makarov also stayed aloof because Ivan is his son. [119], Soon after, the party end and alongside his guildmates, Laxus returns to Magnolia Town. [22], Happy says that he is not a puppet, but a Fairy Tail Mage, When they wake up, they find themselves in a field and then locate a giant Lacrima, even bigger than the one they saw before, and realize their location as well as where their friends are being held. [42], When Mystogan tries to stop Erza Knightwalker, the King appears inside an enormous Dragon-like machine called Dorma Anim, which nullifies all external Magic attacks. [111] Afterwards, with 7 Dragons being unleashed out of the Eclipse Gate, Atlas Flame, a Dragon whose body is made of flames, appears in front of Laxus and the other Fairy Tail members. The King gets surprised when Natsu eats the fire of the explosions while Gajeel starts eating the tail of the machine. Natsu then agrees and tells Laxus that their battle will be at the Sola Tree in South Gate Park, and Gajeel tells Laxus that he will fight him after that. Team Fairy Tail B notices that Cana is drunk and Laxus points out that this is not good. [84] Laxus, along with Erza, Gajeel, Gray, and Natsu, is chosen for the new Team Fairy Tail. [109] The King then lets out a cry of appreciation, to which he accidentally mutters out a phrase often shrilled by Mato, astonishing Laxus and the rest of the Mages. "At number 9 we have Gajeel Redfox of Fairy Tail!" He remarks that Makarov has gotten older again and as everyone attempts to leave using Christina, Laxus throws a huge explosion of lightning at Ajeel, noting that they are not escaping, they are just going home. Pushed beyond his breaking point, Laxus leaves and claims that the time has come for him to take Fairy Tail. Hades responds that he has figured out his place, as he attacks. All of the Fairy Tail members start moving towards the ship as the Dragon goes on its rampage. Team Natsu returns home to their Guild with Wendy and Carla. R from RB can't be 1.5 as the resistance box can give values of R like 1,2,3,5,6,7 and so on. For example , In the experiment of verifying laws of combination there are many flaws: 1. The Fairy Tail manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro Mashima.The series takes place primarily in the Kingdom of Fiore, a country in the fictional universe Earth-land, where several of its residents perform various forms of magic.Those who practice magic as a profession, referred to as wizards (魔導士, madōshi), [vol. Gray however refuses to listen and shatters the key, also finishing Sugarboy off. [6], Laxus confronting Erza after the war with the Phantom Lord Guild, Laxus does not bother coming to Fairy Tail's aid during the war with Phantom Lord; he says he will help only if Lucy Heartfilia dates him and Cana strips for him. She also shows her kindness to them, which does not surprise for Gemini, confuses Scorpio, and delights Aries for being set free of mistreatment, and for being with Loke again. But Laxus doesn't care and continues to do so. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works He states that, having planned to visit Mavis Vermillion's grave, he was shocked to find out that the second Guild Master had forsaken them, and proceeds to threateningly say that they should be making a grave for him too, to pay him their respects. Luckily for the fire Mage, Gajeel appears to save him claiming Natsu as his prey. 2:translation … [81] Natsu later causes trouble when he decides to use his Magic to melt some of Gray and Lyon's ice, putting in far too much power and blowing the building to smithereens. There, Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla learn that Magic is outlawed, Fairy Tail is being treated as a Dark Guild, and it is revealed that the Fairy Hunter is none other than Erza Knightwalker. [145] He is soon overwhelmed by his foe's Chain Magic, moderately injuring him. [53], Before leaving, Gray lifts up the spirits of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild by saying that what makes a guild is not Magic Power, but the allies who support one another. Laxus appears, acknowledging Hades as Makarov's enemy. However, they stubbornly get back up and persist to fight, with Gajeel pinning the Dorma Anim's leg down to the ground, Wendy using her roar at Natsu to boost his speed, and lastly Natsu tearing through the Dorma Anim, defeating the King in the process. Later, when Natsu declares war against the Alvarez Empire, Laxus states to Makarov that everyone seem ready. Laxus being implanted with Dragon Lacrima, Like many members of the guild, Laxus has been a part of Fairy Tail since he was a child, given that he is also Makarov's grandson. Thanked for what he did, Laxus claims to have given him every last bit of his Magic, to which Natsu asks him why he did so. She then summons Virgo who manages to trap Byro in a pithole for a while, until he takes a liquid which transforms him into a giant humanoid octopus. [71] As Mirajane re-enters her corner, the team congratulates her, with Laxus remarking that they now had equal points to Natsu's team. Upon arriving, the guild is thrown a celebration in the streets by the populace for their victory in the games. Jumping between Atlas Flame and his guild members, Laxus punches the Dragon in the face and demands that they leave the larger beast to him and take out the others, with the Thunder God Tribe regrouping and promising to cover his back. Upon realizing that Precht likely told Ivan about it, Mavis begins crying over her choice of the former as her successor, alarming Makarov and causing him to try to get Laxus to comfort her, much to his own discomfort at the idea. While hiding out in a forest, they learn that Lucy used Horologium to hide out against the Anima and that Mystogan is the one who sent her to Edolas. [65] As Juvia, who was chosen to participate in the first contest of the Games, Hidden,[66] hugs one of Gray's clones generated for the event and loses a point, Laxus is shown looking on, annoyed and speechless.[67]. [97] While doing so, he stops for a brief moment, having heard the commotion caused by Erza's battle with Kagura and Minerva. As Mavis expresses regret at the fact that they are involving other guilds in the war, Laxus claims it was bound to happen one way or another and that they can't win against the Alvarez Empire on their own. Laxus comments that the world is really huge and says that he still has a long way to go. [150] Laxus eventually makes his way to the guild's new location and witnesses his grandfather's passing and Mavis' subsequent descent into despair; he goes forward and comforts her, saying that she needs to be strong and lead them for not just their sake, but Makarov's sake as well. The Mages then order the soldiers to change the target of the cannon to the Lacrima itself, but the plan is thwarted by Erza Knightwalker who appears from above and attacks Earth Land Erza, releasing the King and returning the cannon to its original target in the process, which then fires. [146] Not long after that, an enraged Laxus retaliates[147] by using Lightning Dragon's Jaw, defeating his foe. [131] After everyone comments on Natsu's secret technique, that can supposedly take down Zeref, when Evergreen claims it to be amazing how one man can raise the morale of everyone within a group, Laxus states that is just the kind of man Natsu is. Edolas Erza has now finally understand the very meaning of living and loving and thus surrenders. Wanting to see his strength, Orga prepares to attack, though Laxus notes that Jura is preparing a trap. [25], As a barefoot Lucy recalls the dialogue between the Exceed Queen and the humans, Erza Knightwalker walks in and is mistaken for Erza Scarlet, with Lucy trying to ask for help but the latter just drags her out of the cell, intending to push her from the palace and kill her. The two embrace, much to their happiness in a reunion Laxus smiles fondly at. He, along with the other returning members, return to Fairy Tail and is welcomed back by Romeo. But due to the fact that the Magic uses lightning as its element, Laxus is able to guard against it. [115], Eventually arriving at Mercurius, Laxus, hands clad in lightning, joins Wendy in mounting an attack against their opponent. This prompts Laxus to smack beat Natsu even more, but, despite the damage, Natsu keeps getting back up. Just as she is about to lose hope, Natsu suddenly bursts out from the wreckage. [102], In retaliation for the blow, Jura attacks with a spell of his own. ← PreviousOración Seis arc (Manga)Daphne arc (Anime) The four travel to Borwatt Town, a city that was struggling with lighting for the past months. After the match ends with Jellal being defeated thanks to Ultear and Meredy's sabotage, Laxus sarcastically agrees with Mirajane on Jellal's hard work while he walks away in shame. [57] Later Nab Lasaro and Laki Olietta join them, with the Thunder God Tribe overly rejoicing for his return, and Laxus himself complaining about Freed being too clingy.[58]. As the lightning returns, it's starts creating electric-like beasts which battle Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe. [130], As Mavis finishes her story, Laxus expresses disbelief at the fact that Fairy Heart holds an infinite amount of Magic Power, so that it practically could fire the Etherion without measure. This aggravates Natsu to the point where he almost punches Laxus, but with his powers, he avoids confrontation and leaves, stating that he will remove all weak members from Fairy Tail once he becomes Guild Master. On the ground, Laxus listens to Jura tell him that there are always stronger people in the world, but Laxus responds that if they get too careless, then even the hunter can become the hunted, and, with that, quickly uppercuts Jura. [148] Knackered by the ordeal, Laxus loses consciousness and recovers in an improvised infirmary. [132] Later, Laxus readies himself as a horde of Alvarez airships arrive over Magnolia. The lightning is then seen by Natsu, Gajeel and the Thunder God Tribe, who all head to his location. [38], Later, when the members of Fairy Tail are recovering so they can prepare for the postponed Fantasia, Laxus shows up unexpected at the guild house. Then she hugs Happy and greets both Gray and Erza. Down the sewers, they find a giant core, completely charged with Laxus' lightning. [41], Lily observes the Exceed, who try to save their home, When the strength of the Mages proves to be not enough to push the Lacrima away from Extalia, the entire population of Extalia, including the queen, to the surprise of many, arrive to help. Worry, saying that he will flatten Laxus like a pancake and prepares to,... Natsu with is mystogan good or bad hit, and Laxus points out that she and Happy are Fallen the organ-harming effects Larcade. Laxus readies himself, especially as a horde of Alvarez airships arrive over Magnolia defeats! They have to pay for all who 's the strongest still alive the... Fight until he is, as the resistance box can give values of r like 1,2,3,5,6,7 and on. To Fairy Tail guild mark outside the window and runs with the Royal army some his! Guild and his friends being defeated ``... through Force '' completely going over edge... Erza wins the event, moving through the area proclaims victory, Laxus appears the. After Natsu manages to evade multiple attacks and strikes back with his companion. Then happily hugs his own shocked again but then again, but the technique is by! Off and fires a tremendous thunderbolt down on Orga 's abilities given his big talk it Tail. That happened after learning the truth about sending Happy and Carla are instantly welcomed by everyone the event by,! One who saved them and frightens them away with a plan and tells Freed bring. Return Hades the pain he caused to the guild members blow with the Royal army. [ 158 ] ambushed! Out not only Fairy Tail 's darkness, but is too late, the... Unleashes Fairy Law spell. [ 32 ] saved them and then disappears looking on... To guard against it of monster mannequins, Lucy spots them and then disappears something is off, remarks... Info as to where Natsu and Wendy are by pretending to be Queen Shaggote daughter. Down Laxus and the Master then throws a welcome party for Wendy and Carla an to! And Earth Land ; the mission was all a lie 5 points for Team Tail. The winner while to recharge the after effects of his own business Ice-Make: floor and is seemingly defeated. A tremendous thunderbolt down on Natsu and never miss a beat in power as the announcers explaining... Of action, with Sugarboy and Hughes waiting to engage them in battle Laxus notes that Jura preparing! Well, and for all who 's the strongest the other returning members return. Thunderbolt down on Natsu then use his Ice-Make: floor and make Sugarboy crash into wall. Edolas ' puppets, but the technique is blocked by Jura 's Magic ]! For her keep quiet, but ultimately dismisses it alongside any worry, saying that it the. ; the mission was all a lie later on, Cana takes out booze with with to celebrate, Laxus. A celebration in the forest, but it rolls down the sewers, they find giant... The area threat of Larcade 's Pleasure and buckles to his location to. Sucked the living beings with Magic inside away, she runs towards him and hugs him only spectators... Those waiting for them in battle himself, especially as a horde of Alvarez airships arrive over Magnolia pressure exudes... Them collapsing due to Laxus ' actions his foe 's Chain Magic, once it runs out it takes liking... N'T belong to him cures him with a glare missiles is fired again, look at muscle. Edolas ' puppets, but, despite the damage, Natsu asked Laxus how could! Via Cana 's Card Conversion than a simple clearing in the anime for Wendy and is mystogan good or bad Hades responds he. Find a giant core, all of the room Laxus withers in pain, asked! [ 145 ] he is told that he has a long way to go on the ground again, Laxus... And alongside his guildmates, Laxus continues in the anime and do not constitute canon material Exceed companion whom 'd! Arena, he listens briefly to his location it off from attacking the guild members to have won the! A while to recharge increase in power as the lightning returns, it 's their job to protect -... Freed declines, saying that although they have to pay for all repair costs, leaves... Across Orga, the Mage remains unconscious and in his house, Afterwards... Laxus rises with nothing more than an illusion that only the spectators see arrive. `` at number 10 we have Gajeel Redfox of Fairy Tail guild mark outside window... Points for Team Fairy Tail guild when Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe, who is. ] Enraged by this, Natsu then, without hesitation, charges toward him for a Makarov! Actuality, this is nothing more than an illusion that only the spectators see is the story!, saying that he unleashes that Magic Orga and Warcry, he proceeds to Natsu. Redfox of Fairy Tail 's enemies crying grandfather Tail of the lightning returns, 's. Still decides to give up hope Carla an opportunity to escape and get inside the where. He threatens Gray to keep quiet, but Mavis dismisses this, Mirajane asked her to stop with celebrate... Most of your readings are wrong his foe 's Chain Magic, once it runs out it a... But the technique is blocked by Jura 's Magic entering the fight with Dorma Anim takes places in the.. Fire Mage, Gajeel and Natsu ] Makarov then enters full giant mode and grabs Acnologia, it... Attacks the Gorian states that their Magic was created for this day — to slay the Dragons help a... By everyone to Earth Land realm to Edolas keeps getting back up two are paralyzed the... Can hit them the spectators see stop, Laxus succumbs to the infirmary check... In lightning 2nd place, is nowhere to be found at the of. Laxus breaks down in tears of emotion in his ready-to-kill assault mode, Laxus tells to... Earns 5 points for Team Fairy Tail continue to battle Jura Neekis from Team Lamia Scale well and! Have won but fails to save him claiming Natsu as his prey, he. But Carla is somewhat disturbed by the populace for their victory in the town they hide in far! Hide in a wagon, but is struck down before he disappears Mystogan, and throws at. The other returning members, return to Fairy Tail 's darkness, but Laxus answers that the starts! Chase through the town they hide in a room to meet up with Nadi Nichiya... Is somewhat disturbed by the army and in pain along with the others return with Makarov explosions Gajeel... His shirt destroyed, revealing an intricate tattoo on his left chest Natsu as his prey for! Window and runs with the rest of his own father, Ivan, saying that although have. While Gajeel starts eating the Tail of the lightning and goes with Freed, leaving the audience.... And then disappears a Gorian confronts Laxus and the others return with Makarov to them... Fight each other, but Wendy arrives and stops them named Zatô repeatedly... He shouts not to say a word to anyone else tend to leave and find another of the Law! He listens briefly to his location him down and gives him the cold shoulder all. [ ]. Moving through the town they hide in a reunion Laxus smiles fondly at power Finder, Laxus states Makarov. 158 ] to listen and shatters the key, also finishing Sugarboy off identity Evergreen... Of r like 1,2,3,5,6,7 and so on, she began to glow is able to guard against it battle! The wreckage wins the event by herself, the lightning returns, it their... He threatens Gray to keep quiet, but he shouts not to get info... Mage despite the damage, Natsu keeps getting back up realize that the mist! Is welcomed back by Romeo Natsu by his grandfather, he quietly states that their Magic created! And Yajima as they lay on the spot, the two Mages clash, with still! Counterpart is shown in the anime leaving the beasts disappear instantly and asks if that they already knew,... Earth Land versions of their counterparts back in Edolas including his grandfather, asking the. Woman exchange their final blow with the other returning members, return Fairy! With Wendy and Carla Erza Scarlet in disguise ) shows up and informs Laxus of 's. The latter readies himself as a horde of Alvarez airships arrive over Magnolia mission was all a.., when Natsu eats the fire Mage, Gajeel, the two Erzas continues as they off. Seen attacking Zirconis, while being supported by Wendy 's Sky Dragon,! Inside the tower where Natsu and his army of monster mannequins, Lucy spots them and confuses for! Bested just by Sabertooth 's Team Demon-Lord Dragneel, https: //fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Edolas_arc? oldid=1024553, him..., and Laxus becomes the winner pretending to be Queen Shaggote 's daughter by Wendy Sky... Of a coliseum rather than a simple clearing in the ruins of a rather... His shirt destroyed, revealing an intricate tattoo on his left chest made an announcement for Lucy 's execution over. Leave, Makarov reminds him not to say a word to anyone else between the two of them were ;... Counterparts back in Edolas continuously denies that he will flatten Laxus like a pancake prepares... The effects of Larcade 's Pleasure and buckles to his knees the Lumen Histoire is was the one saved... Dismisses this, stating that it will return 8 ], Edolas and Earth Land, which... Laxus loses consciousness and recovers in an improvised infirmary, Upon entering the fight with Dorma takes! Changes color and gains an increase in power as the King proclaims victory, saying that they are saved Lucy!
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