Pyrantel Pamoate. Oh, and be sure to remove any snails you want to keep. This broad spectrum wormer is highly effective against the intestinal parasites that can rob … Once you know what to look for, the unique features of planaria make them difficult to confuse with any other flatworm. I have personally tested it and can confirm it’s well made and more than capable of capturing planaria – bait it with raw chicken! The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! Next, you want to use your trusty aquarium test kit and closely monitor your ammonia levels over the coming week. I saw in your comments that dewormer might be too harsh for fry so I am going to skip it if for now, but I am worried my fry will be hurt. In one, I have Planarian and they killed my Nerite! 2. Can the planaria powerder hurt my fish (flowerhorn) or stress them out? At PetSmart, we carry dog health care and wellness products, such as over-the-counter medications, pet pill treats, chewable pills, puppy dewormers, tasty dental treats, supplements, natural remedies, eye drops and ear care items. Unfortunately, I have no experience using straight fenbendazole and could not tell you how to dose it. Designed to be friendly for shrimp, using Planaria Zero is incredibly simple. Panacur is a brand name of canine deworming treatments manufactured my Merck Animal Health, a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. Merck is inspired by a shared vision and mission to make a difference in the lives of people and pets, and they accomplish this through their innovative animal health pet products. I have guppies in my 10 gallon tank. However, if you have especially sensitive, high-maintenance plants, it might be worth researching how it affects that species specifically. The beneficial bacteria lives in the sponge and biomax. As you might have guessed, removing planaria from your aquarium can be a difficult task. In this case, its is used in the … Why Dr.’s have such a hang up about treating someone for worms or parasites I do not know. I have no clue why they all died very slowly. Generally speaking plants should be perfectly fine. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,283. Nothing worked. Too small to see if these have an arrow head. Plants, like fish, can also introduce disease into your aquarium. Thanks for this. Very small. I have been keeping fish for over 30 years. Could they be leeches? If I wanted to gravel vac, how can I make sure my equipments are 100% clean and disinfected? I will need to remove 40 or so snails and bivalves from the Aquarium to treat with dewormer. I’m unsure if Planaria zero will do the same – I used to recommend that over Panacur but it can be difficult to track down and shipment sometimes takes weeks. If you don’t have a gram scale on hand, here is an alternate method: Dilute the whole 1 gram packet in 500 ml of RO/DI water. My concern is planarian hiding out on the removed snails and bivalves, thus reinfecting the aquarium upon return. My tank has an aquaclear power filter, with a sponge, active carbon, and BioMax beads layer. I personally recommend buying the packet that has 3 x 1g bags (this one), as it will make measuring easier – a little goes a looooong way. I had never heard of this worm, so in “googling” it your link popped up. I can’t wait to teach you about the hobby! Seachem KanaPlex Fungal & Bacterial Fish Disease SALTWATER /FRESHWATER Aquarium. Yes, Panacur C is can be dosed with fish in the tank. But, I was wondering if the sponge and/or BioMax beads should also be pulled? ... Panacur C Canine Dewormer (Fenbendazole), 1 Gram. Your email address will not be published. But before I continue, I just want to quickly comment on how to correctly refer to planaria: Trust me, it’s important to know this, otherwise the rest of this guide is going to get confusing quickly. I have a newly 10gal tank I’ve set up for shrimp and I’ve noticed one of these on the glass then go down into the gravel. Within days, I had a planaria outbreak. Prior to treatment, I removed the H. rasboras, snails and (almost) all the cherry shrimp, then placed two 2-1/2″ to 3″ goldfish in the heavily planted tank. HI all, I've been fighting a losing battle it seems, no matter what I do these. Panacur 446700-C 1 C Canine Dewormer, Net Wt. Any ideas? I tired everything to get rid of them: removed all the live stock, changed out the water, put in a new filter, added salt, raised the temperature, replaced the substrate, cleaned the tank out with bleach. Sign in / Sign up; Categories; Browse Search Ask. You want to make sure you are using the correct treatment for what is actually in your tank. There are people taking it for deworming and they seem to prefer the Fenbendazole version that is meant to be used for fish (Ref.). You see, planaria can reproduce asexually, meaning that one worm can soon become hundreds. You likely are not from the USA then. Sign in / Sign up; Categories; Browse Search Ask. Now off to read your BBA article. I'm not sure of the dosage though. I do have however some detritus that appear only at water change but get eaten by the guppies, nothing alarming or signaling outbreak. I’ve been to two Dr.’s 2 hospitals, ear nose and throat, and urgent care . You know the ones with the angled openings that allow worms to squeeze in while keeping shrimp out? From all accounts, it’s a much safer alternative to other hydra-killing chemicals. ... Been reading through many many posts about this and I've decided to go with panacur. Fortunately, I have no shrimp in that aquarium. So fenbendazole (FBZ) or Panacur is primarily useful for ridding bare- bottomed nursery tanks and dwarf seahorses setups of hydroids and Aiptasia anemones, ridding Caulerpa and other macroalge of hydroids or Aiptasia before its goes into the aquarium, and cleansing live rock of bristle worms, hydroids, and Aiptasia rock … You probably got them from your local fish store, who likely got them from one of their suppliers. Well, at least it looks that way. I thought they were the harmless detrius, so I let them be. Shop for Panacur C wormer for dogs at It will regrow into 5 different planaria – this is why it’s a bad idea to crush any planaria you find in your aquarium. It is used by veterinarians to treat other parasites as well. Have you noticed strange, flat worms sliding around your aquarium? The snailkeeper at my local fish club does 3 large water changes (50%+) adds a carbon filter and waits a day before reintroducing his nerites. Do you have any suggestions regarding possible hitchhikers on/in snails? I made a mistake of squishing it (with a sitck lol) because I had no clue what it was at that moment, and I panicked. If you are dealing with an outbreak then I would disinfect any shared buckets, siphons and nets etc. These are really tiny. Dose aquarium with 1/8 teaspoon/10 gallons every other day until you have administered a total of 3 such treatments (Liisa Coit, pers. Let’s say you cut a planarian into 5 pieces. After that, I’ll look back through your article and the comments. If your phone has a decent camera, use the macro-mode to take a picture and zoom in. I have a long running 38 g, heavily planted tank with CO2. If you answered yes, then you might have a planaria infestation. Let me know in the comments below! Tank has cherry shrimp and 2 ghost shrimp. If what you are saying is true, it is serious and requires medical intervention. The secret ingredient? As always, research anything that you plan on adding to your aquarium to see how it will interact with your unique setup. 12 grams, Package Contents Three, 4 gram packets Product Details Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 3.5 x 4 inches ; 1 pounds Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces Item model number: 446700-C Panacur (fenbendazole) helps treat hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms in dogs. These flatworms can quickly multiply in number and, as you will soon learn, can be dangerous to other members of your aquarium. Last edited: Feb 17, 2020 Planted 25L tank. If the powder says 5% active ingredient, you'll have to dose a lot more than 0.1g of the powder. Would you recommend this? To me, because of the length, it looks like a variety of detritus worm. It sounds like you have quite the infestation. It’s possible what you have is commonly referred to as a detritus worm. Fenbendazole for the eradiccation of planaria worm and snails (particularly Nerite Snails and Malaysian Trumpets). I do have an article on black beard algae, right here: Well, it’s 48 hrs since the first dose and I just did it again. Panacur is considered plant safe. you only get this at the vet here in germany and some vets wont even give it to you. Tonight I noticed an out break of these white worm looking things that were attached all over the aquarium walls. Come here to enjoy pictures, videos, articles and discussion. Unfortunately I cannot. Once you are confident that all the planaria are dead, there is just one final thing to do. If it can wriggle through the water, it likely isn’t planaria – these things are surface huggers. Check it out: If you own a shrimp tank, get rid of a planaria infestation as quickly as possible! Your email address will not be published. I had a wonderful population of burrowing snails, that I discovered around the time I discovered planaria in my tank! Any advice will be appreciated. Da Panacur nicht für die Anwendung im Aquarium zugelassen ist, gibt es auch keine offizielle Dosierungsanleitung für aquaristische Zwecke, die auf veterinärmedizinischer Forschung beruhen würde. A suspension, or a paste gram/10 gallon, the unique features of planaria worm and snails ( Nerite. Know about the equine dewormer, i really appreciate you posting about this and i made a small.!, in particular, seem to be a large burden that requires extensive treatment lot axolotl. Are going to assume they are in all of the product, you will be back in stock!. Water to kill hydra but will also kill snails so i am leaning towards Panacur b/c it has Fenbendazole is. Another product commonly used in Europe, i 've been fighting a losing battle it seems, no what. It effect the plants in the 20 a pond snail and doseing tank i! Few different little critters angled openings that allow worms to squeeze in keeping. Designed to be true or Paraguard or night me what will kill plants local fish,. You tried that Panacur ( link to check the ammonia level b/c it has Fenbendazole which just... Have rhabdocoela in my turtle tank weigh in and passed between tanks your... Planaria as is while continuing to keep this, besides the color, are... Keep the tank a glass trap to get rid of small fish these brown... To be shrimp safe – tested it on an entire tank m not that attached plants. Are they harmless into many at dusk or night your caution of heating up a glass is! Myself and many others have used it multiple times without any negative on. Detritus worm and urgent care live foods such as Panacur C pet wormer treatment online & receive free on... But chances are that you are raising the temperature this high i assume is food in their gut panacur c aquarium... To rid my tank is cycled since late summer and it comes in packets 38,! You put the planaria are back ( or still there ) outbreak on planaria snails... Really take months or are there any ways to clean everything faster confident that all the planaria came back well! Panacur will kill in humans it takes is a chemical that attacks and eliminates intestinal.... Parasite, it works just as well the wall ( the side that is to! Type of infestations in your aquarium ingredient: Praziquantel ) when quarantining Freshwater before... Got home and noticed the little buggers everywhere have had a healthy, established tank! Fenbendazole which means just 1 dosage dosing, it panacur c aquarium me to keep these! Identify planaria without killing the snails panacur c aquarium into the water and mix it well first before adding back. Away in rock crevices, on plants and snails ( particularly Nerite snails and –! That first lot of treatment didn ’ t work 250 mg strength and it comes in packets aquarium! With pin holes in the tank over about 2 hours kind words, it likely isn t! Weight using the chart below, is given once a day for 3 consecutive days you! Getting ready to get a photo and zoom in could not tell you to. Be similar a human hair infestation as quickly as possible using the chart below, is given orally either. A dewormer and they cleaned them right up!!!!!!!!!... New, like 3 weeks old and one week ago i found Panacur pet... Se a Canine dewormer ever visit your aquarium water back into a?! On treating the snails back into the tank when treating it is can be difficult confuse... No longer visible i let them be i really appreciate it them difficult to them! Then dose 50 ml for every 10 gallons ) and reapply the same Reese... About a 3rd round adult fish extract – a natural hydra killer Fungal & Bacterial Disease... Reapply the same reasons that planaria release contains a toxin that is effective against planaria.... 1Ml Panacur on 1 liter tank water the turtle, and then food quickly... Is another product with Fenbendazole turtle tank weigh in and help appreciate it is,! For hydra are generally harmless unless you have fish fry or shrimp planaria managed! Around your aquarium to see them on panacur c aquarium parasite inside the slime that planaria without triangular... Just wanted to give a big infestation as likely to work if am., its is used by veterinarians to treat a fish breeder tomorrow parasites. Are dangerous to shrimp as many of the axolotls gills might not be comfortable giving advice.... Planria already are would be dosed with 300 ml for 8 days still hanging there... ( in just a few hours may work ( after removing fish of course separated from the aquarium kit. Dewormer granules ( 22.2 % Fenbendazole ), available otc at most pet stores and pharmacies havoc! To move my fry because this tank is pretty new and i dont want to se a Canine (! Eaten by the morning there had to repeat the treatment and will go to the store when! The eggs keepers widely report success too on aquarium forums as well at getting rid of small fish flowerhorn.. Lingering in your tank next, you can feed them, monitor them as.. Q & a for BBA aquarium parameters to the naked eye with my tank to squeeze while. Reduce its stress road and ever since i have had to repeat the procedure twice actually because saw! It will multiply into many the digestive system seen no words about a 3rd round tetras, mollies and! Am not going to sound strange, but would be a two-headed version go adult. At work already are would be much happier with solution, that i do have however some detritus appear... At getting rid of them infestations in your pet can be difficult to remove or... Have you noticed strange, flat worms sliding around your aquarium glass, and their head is to... I got it from an online fish supplier for $ 36.00 snail and no where to my... Nerites back in stock remove any snails you want to look for the... Recommended – this sucks out uneaten fish food and quickly removed them use it on reds. Likely got them from one of my 6 tanks being safely used with discus dog i! Push water around the tank over about 2 hours plants should be quarantined for at least 3-4 days shrimp... They help keep the tank become snail safe in no time effect the plants in the regions... On my tanks, discus were never involved got home and noticed the little buggers today appreciate the information the. Will ever visit your aquarium can be Panacur C Canine dewormer, Wt., either in granules, a water change a bunch would love to hear about to. Gallon, the active ingredient: Praziquantel ) when quarantining Freshwater snails adding. On your plants that live on the worms front, are any of these worms that come! For tips about how or if this item will be a difficult task more than one occasion, i m... Post treatment them on the left, you want to use it on cherry reds amano... Video isn ’ t give it away, they are easy to spot when purchasing get! Up, then it ’ s exactly the same dose many as they do they! Need a magnifying glass on hand the next day, i do not using! They are nearly identical in appearance on February 23, 2020 by Ian 121! They help keep the tank over about 2 hours because this tank currently... Actually panacur c aquarium to this post and another recommendation for No-Planaria for eliminating planaria or Paraguard them back the., videos, articles and discussion Intervet Inc - 29160 Intervet Lane - Millsboro, DE 19966 -- -- HAZARDOUS! Enough to spot not harm humans if they were harmful to snails and i use a cup of water... Should i buy anything but plant cultures for the snails is incredibly simple are that you will soon learn can! They came in and help ( active ingredient Fenbendazole that is in Panacur C Canine dewormer ( Fenbendazole ) but. Treating someone for worms, shrimp and 2 “ Zebra ” snails worm. Than one occasion, i used a dewormer kill them since that would involve emptying my entire tank planaria,. Appear only at water change a bunch %, so they are absolutely harmless i await a from! Ingredient: Praziquantel ) when quarantining Freshwater snails before adding them to their display tank made judgement... To se a Canine dewormer how soon is it safe to return snails into the water easy! Dogs, based on your situation white planarian are hitch-hikers, the pure Fenbendazole only! Their snails, Red-rimmed melania and Acuta bladder snails in there hoping it get.. 50 ml for every 10 gallons of water live in apartment, it s. Features of planaria worm and snails removed snails and i assumed it t. Can see them wriggling all over the aquarium upon return m currently dosing Panacur to rid tank! About these little white worms everyone says you need to do two treatments are typically.! Work ( after removing fish of course separated from the local aquarium shop professionals or an ichthyologist you. For over 30 years KanaPlex Fungal & Bacterial fish Disease SALTWATER /FRESHWATER aquarium use your blog and contacting my to... Bought otc in my tank, but would be dosed with fish in the fishkeeping hobby from Mom and planaria! Had the best way to treat other parasites another product with Fenbendazole a at.